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Problem Report Submission Guidelines

Please read the following very carefully. These are simple instructions which will make it a lot easier to find and fix a problem in RBrowser. There are hundreds of various UNIX versions out there, it is impossible to test all combinations. Errors problems will occur in some situations. Please follow these guidelines, so together we can fix the problems and make RBrowser a better tool for everybody!

Make sure you use the latest version of RBrowser. Please check the Downloads page and compare the version to the version string in the Info Panel in your copy of RBrowser. The problem you are about to report may have been fixed already.

Please read Trouble-Shooting and Release Notes before you submit a report. There are many problems discussed in those pages. Your problem might already be covered in there. Also, if your question is about how to do a certain operation, it is possible RBrowser can do it and it is covered in the Documentation (under the Help Menu).

If the problem happens with a site you have previously connected to ALWAYS try a clean connect first:

  1. Quit RBrowser.
  2. Find the Site Preference file for this Site in HOME/Library/Application Support/RBrowser4
  3. Delete this file.
  4. Restart RB and connect again.

Logging Remote Problems: Most errors people report have to do with RBrowser not being able to connect to a particular server. If you have any problem connecting or on a running site, be sure to turn on the Transcript (Tools/Show Transcript menu). The drawer on the remote window will open up showing all traffic to and from the remote site. If it looks like the problem persists, simply copy the text from the drawer and mail it to rbrowser1@rbrowser.com. For these problems there is a Global Preference called "Show debug log". A verbose transcript will be written into the console log. This can be viewed by starting up the Console App (in /Applications/Utilities folder). This option is global, so it will apply to all connections. BE SURE TO TURN THIS OFF WHEN THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED as this option uses a lot of system resources.

Logging Crashes: The Console app (described above) provides two preference choices to keep a crash log for applications. make sure to turn those on! If RBrowser crashes please do the following:
1. if you do not have those Console App preferences turned on, please turn them on now (it make sense to keep them on anyway).
2. Try to duplicate the crash in RBrowser by going through the same sequence that crashed it in the first place.
3. Along with RBrowser's own transcript, please mail the crash log too. The path of the crash log is HOME/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/RBrowser.crash.log

Trouble connecting to a remote host? Are any of the file operations failing? Here are the questions we will ask you, so you might as well answer them right away:
1. What version of MacOS are you using (like 10.4.2).
2. What is the OS type and version of the remote host (like Mandrake Linux 7.1).
3. Make sure to detail exactly what operation is failing, and/or the exact circumstances under which the problem occurs.
4. Be sure to send along the logging output from the console as described above.