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RBrowser for MacOS 10.7 - 10.15 IS NOW FREE!

Easy-to-use FTP - SFTP/SSH Remote File Management, File Transfers and Folder Synchronization

RBrowser feature summary:

  • Folder Synchronization: Local-to-Local and Local-to-Remote (any protocol) and Remote-to-Local.
  • Automatic detection protocol capabilities on the remote host - no need to know whether to use FTP, SFTP or SSH, just leave it on "Auto" and let RBrowser figure out the best protocol to use.
  • Definitely faster in all protocols and operations.
  • Protocol independent transfers - remote-to-remote transfers between any hosts.
  • Intelligent combining of ssh/sftp for optimal performance to get the best of the secure world - no longer have to decide which protocol is better for file operations or transfers.. RBrowser's intelligent sftp/ssh protocol layer picks the optimal tool for the job for you automagically.
  • Remote Browser version 4 (RBrowser®) provides access to files on the local host as well as remote UNIX® systems with an easy-to-use graphical interface. RBrowser provides secure File transfers as well as Folder Sync that preserve HFS Metadata!

    Who is RBrowser for? Anybody who has accounts on remote UNIX systems of whatever flavor, or on any host that has an FTP server. Working on documents, managing files over the network can be fairly painful, especially for those who are not experts in the cryptic UNIX shell commands. If you work on remote systems or have to move files back and forth often, RBrowser can make your life a lot easier. RBrowser provides an easy way to manage and edit your HTML pages on the directly on the remote WEB host. RBrowser provides connectivity with FTP and SFTP. Maintain your web pages and sync the changes with a single click! Backup your important files using the Folder Sync Engine in RBrowser!

    • RBrowser is a full featured free graphic FTP-SFTP client. RBrowser allows the user to manage/browse files on the remote host with an easy-to-use graphic interface. File management includes move, copy, duplicate, compress, delete,set permissions, make links, etc...
    • Remote Editing, Folder Synchronization.
    • Entire file trees can be moved between local and remote host, or between remote hosts by simple drag & drop.
    • Remote-to-Remote File Transfers between any hosts, regardless of protocol
    • Run Any number of operations simultaneously.

    Why is RBrowser better than other SFTP clients? Here is what other SFTP clients do: simply connect to an SFTP server and use whatever is available under that protocol. However SFTP has serious limitations:

    • No metadata: SFTP is not Fork/Finder info aware
    • No Recursive commands: SFTP does everything file-by-file, which takes a long time if it operates on a big file system.
    • No Direct Remote-to-Remote transfer
    • Cannot reach hosts behind a firewall
    • Cannot copy files between folders on the remote host, so file management is problematic.
    • Cannot transfer files directly between two remote hosts.
    RBrowser combines all the secure tools available on both the local and the remote system. The SFTP, SSH , PAX , the Bourne Shell, and SCP clients are all part of OSX. Other UNIX systems do not have pax but have the rest. Each have their strong points and their limitations as well. SFTP is better for file transfers because unlike scp it can hold a continuous connection and create links. Ditto is used if both hosts are macs, so fork data is preserved during file transfers. SSH is used for file operations on the remote hosts, since SFTP has major limitations: for example it cannot make a copy of a file from on folder to another on the remote host! Also, SFTP does everything file-by-file, which takes a long time if it operates on a big file system. ssh, using a remote shell can do recursive file operations like rm, chmod very fast. Direct remote-to-remote operations require SCP. RBrowser automatically selects the best available tool for the job, so you do not even have to think about it!