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Firewall Options:

The last tab in the Global Preferences Panel deals with firewall/proxy options.

If your company is protected from outside intrusion by a firewall, there are still various techniques you can use to enable RBrowser to communicate with the outside. Remember, these setting depend on YOUR location and setup, not the remote site's! Here is the description for the solutions offered by RBrowser:

Firewall Tab:

There are many firewall schemes out there RBrowser tries to support the most used ones. Currently, SOCKS (4 and 5) and the common FTP Firewall Toolkit schemes are supported. Please be sure to follow your system administrator's guidance in how to fill out the fields on this tab. The proxy information may be sparse depending on your site's particular setup, the only field that is mandatory is the proxy server, as it is required for all firewall schemes. These fields will hold the proxy information, so on the Site Manager you can enter the information of the target host as usual. Remember, these settings are global, they will effect all FTP sites you connect to! NOTE: FTP-SSL sites do not use the firewall settings!

RBrowser now has support for HTTP proxy server to be used during downloads from the Site Manager. If the Use HTPP Proxy button is checked, the proxy information from this tab here will be passed on the download agent (curl by default).