Other Topics

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Opening Known Connections

Once you successfully log on to a remote host, RBrowser will save site-specific preferences. A preferences file can also be created before you log in, by using the "Edit Preferences" button on the Site Manager. This button will open the Preferences panel and let you define connection parameters for a particular protocol, remote host and username. This is very useful if, for some reason, RBrowser is unable to log in with the default settings.

Site Aliases:
Once there is a successful login to a remote site, you can create an alias to this site on the Desktop using the Go/Save Site Alias menu. The actual Site file is saved in ~/Library/Application Support/RBrowser. This menu will create an alias to it. Double clicking on the alias will open the Site (without even showing the login panel if direct login is turned on).

Direct Login:
Direct Login which basically allows the user to connect to a remote site with a single touch using either the Site Alias from the desktop or one of the Go/*Sites menus. If the menus on the login panels are used to fill out the Site info, direct login will not be used. This always gives a chance to the user to change login parameters before logging in by clicking the Login button. The option to enable/disable Direct Login is on the Global Preferences Panel.

Login from the Login Panel's Site Menus:
Direct Login is not enabled when the Login Panel's menus are used. These are the same menus as the Go/*Sites menus but here the user always gets a chance to set login parameters such as turning on transcript or Passive FTP.