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RBrowser Features


  • Remote File System Browser using SFTP-SSH,FTP-SSL/TLS including Explicit and Implicit SSL
  • Folder Sync on the Local Host
  • Folder Sync from the Local Host to a Remote Host using SFTP-SSH or FTP
  • Folder Sync from a Remote Host to the Local Host using SFTP-SSH
  • Remote-to-Remote File Transfers between any hosts, regardless of protocol
  • Direct secure file transfers between Remote hosts with SSH/SCP
  • Auto Protocol Finder for first time logins
  • Intelligent SFTP-SSH protocol that uses the best of both tools
  • SFTP-SSH access through firewalls with tunneling (SSH-Proxy)
  • Column, List or Icon View in all File Viewers
  • Easy downloads/extracting of URL's
  • Protocol Helper for browser's or other apps
  • Drag and drop file transfers between Local and Remote hosts
  • Drag and drop file transfers between the Finder and all RBrowser File Viewers
  • Change (su) to root or another user after login with SSH
  • Full connection transcript attached to every viewer
  • Easy to see progress monitoring in the dock icon
  • Site aliases on the desktop, with direct launch
  • All FTP Modes Supported: Binary, Automatic and Text
  • FTP File Transfer Restart
  • Local File System Browser
  • Open, edit, and automatic saveback of documents in any application
  • Support for Firewalls (SOCKS v5, and Firewall toolkits)
  • Local printing of documents while editing
  • Character set translation in the browser
  • Automatic display of available file system space
  • Computes sizes of folders and file systems
  • Inspector window displays file attributes
  • Change file group, file owner (if root) and permissions
  • Customizable appearance
  • Automatic connection configuration
  • Supports all document types known to local system
  • Copy, move, remove, and rename files on remote system
  • Compress/uncompress files or entire folders (both local and remote)
  • Create/delete folders and symbolic links
  • Duplicate files and folders


  • GUI access to files on remote systems eliminating the need to know shell commands
  • No need to know all the varieties of UNIX
  • No root/superuser/administrator privileges needed for installation or use
  • No special software required on remote systems
  • Automatic analysis and configuration to handle remote systems
  • Remote files can be on systems in different Netinfo or NIS domains
  • User and group ids can be different on each system
  • Multiple simultaneous connections
  • Easy interface to FTP servers


  • Drag and drop user interface to transfer files between machines
  • Multiple simultaneous transfer operations


  • Character set translation in the browser
  • Filename translation between systems using different character sets


  • MacOSX
  • All Linux flavors
  • All BSD flavors
  • SunOS/Solaris


  • Network access to remote systems

Supported platforms:

  • MacOSX 10.6 or above


ALL PROTOCOLS: Users must be authorized users on remote system.

FTP: ftpd must be running.

SFTP-SSH: sshd must be running, your client must be enabled to connect to it. the SFTP subsystem must be enabled on the server (usually in /etc/ssh2/sshd_config). Remote systems must have these UNIX utilities: sh cp mv rm tar compress uncompress zip chmod chgrp

  • International support requires an 8-bit clean Bourne-compatible shell such as ksh.

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RBrowser is a trademark of Robert Vasvari.

RBrowser is now free, there is no support!